Sunday, October 26, 2014

My journey as a Surrogte Mother

My journey as a Surrogate Mother started in September 2012. I myself had 2 surgeries to remove endometriosis from my ovaries before having my own children. I understand the fear of possibly not being able to conceive naturally, so once my family was complete I promised to help others. It took me 2 years after my last was born to take the leap. And this leap led to a journey I am forever thankful for. I blindly went in to this journey, not having met my Intended Father before hand. I had some second thoughts. My feet felt cold. My hands were shaking. I asked to be guided in the right direction and jumped in feet first. I gathered my birth records, completed my background check, my husband and I were psychologically cleared and finally....I met my endocrinologist and had my IVF clearance ad signed my legal contract. It was official. My transfer date was set ad I began to take both estrogen and progesterone to prepare my uterus to accept 2 embryos.
My Intended Father was present for the transfer and I was surrounded by the great staff at HRC. It was a short and sweet experience. My 6-year-old daughter was present the entire time. She was amazed to see "baby seeds" put in to mommy and hoped they would "sprout". And sprout they did. I carried 2 beautiful fraternal twin daughters for my Intended Father, who resided in China. I kept contact with him through my agency relaying messages and pictures. I had an amazing support system with my case worker available and relied on my family to help me with the day to day joys of carrying twins. The first trimester flew by. I had little morning sickness and was still active with my family and work. At 11 weeks I was able to stop the progesterone injections and carry on as I would my own pregnancy. My second trimester passed uneventfully as well. The babies grew on schedule and reminded me of their presence daily. It was amazing to see 2 babies moving at once. My children told everyone, EVERYONE, I was not carrying my babies. I was carrying Chinese babies. Haha. The looks I got.
Finally the third trimester! I had been seeing my family OB for this pregnancy, who was confident in my ability to deliver vaginally. Baby A had her head down by 30 weeks and was wedged into place. By 33 weeks I was big and full! By 35 week my OB said....Any day now. My Intended Father was on stand by. Yet I continued my daily life. I was still active and working from home. Days came and went. Thirty-six weeks, 37 weeks, ........ ok, induction scheduled at 37.5 weeks. It was time. I was huge and unable to eat any more. No room! I checked in my room and started an induction. I had my friend stay my home with my kids and my husband by my side. The first 24 hours was preparing my body for birth. Then active labor began.
I was wheeled to the OR in case I needed an emergency c-section, but I knew I would not! I was determined. I was 10cm dilated and ready! I pushed for 5 minutes before Baby A arrived. Short and sweet little cry. She was here!
Then it was time to start pushing again. It took 61 minutes for her sister to be born. Just as beautiful as the first little girl was a second.
 Two healthy baby girls. My Intended Father was beside himself. My husband was snapping a million pictures of the entire journey. Fifteen pounds of baby and a huge combined placenta had been housed in my for 9 months. no longer. The human body never ceases to amaze me. I did that! I helped make those! Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT!
I am blessed to say that I delivered 2 beautiful and healthy girls in May 23, 2013.
And from this experience my family grew. Every Surrogacy experience is different. I became friends with my Intended Father and was able to bring my Surrogated babies home to meet my children. And today they are joined with siblings from another Surrogate mother as well. It is amazing to watch them grow and develop and to know, that Surrogacy made this all possible.
Blessed is my Intended Father, his children, and my family as well.
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